White Dwarf 102

The cover gave a fair impression of what to expect inside with Dark Future being introduced to the unsuspecting masses. Although there was also a massive section on the Fimir, maybe a first draft of the cover looked like this...

p3 - Illuminations: Some excellent illustrations by Pete Knifton. Pete had inked a number of the pictures in the previous issue of White Dwarf (101) and in the newly released Dark Future material. He went on to do lots more great work, as you can see for yourself, if you're interested.

p8 - Culture Shock: News from the Games Workshop world, with Warhammer Armies (WFB 3rd Ed.) in the pipeline, job opportunities and the opening of the first specialist stockist in Cardiff. Includes a correction for the Flame Bright's rules in "Heroes for Dungeonquest".

p13 - Critical Mass: A review of recently released SciFi/Fantasy literature. My highlight is a concise pasting of the "turgid Dragonlance Chronicles" series!

p14 - Thrud the Barbarian Farmer: Part 3 of his latest epic quest.

p19 - An extensive article featuring the background and army list from the aforementioned Warhammer Armies, for Fimir (WFB 3rd Ed.). Although as it happens they only turned up as Allies in my edition, rather than a full race, which is presented here. There are also WFRP rules and a Fimir related adventure.

p33 - Dark Future is released. Think Mad Max in model form. The game wasn't too dissimilar to Steve Jackson's Car Wars which inevitably spawned a series of adventure game books of the same name!

p42 - Monstrous Regiments: Some of the entries from the previous month's design a shield and banner competition. The "Regiment of the Horrendously Ugly and Psychotically Insane" wins for me, although the name might have influenced that!

p46 - 'Eavy Metal: A guide to painting faces with plenty of examples.

p54 - Chapter Approved: Introducing Eldar War Walkers (W40k 1st Ed.). For the record this article was reproduced in the Warhammer 40k Compendium. Included in the piece was the inspirational "Today's though - Hope is the beginning of unhappiness"!

p58 - On the Boil: Answers to reader's questions on magic in WFRP.

p60 - Rules for kickers and kick-offs in Blood Bowl, amusingly entitled "Putting the Boot In".

p64 - New characters for Games Workshop's board game "Curse of the Mummy's Tomb".

p67 - Daemonic Names: An extract from the Slaves to Darkness supplement for Chaos (WFB 3rd Ed., WFRP and W40k 1st Ed.!) covering how to name your heinous Chaos Daemons.

p71 - Index Astartes: Rules and background for Space Marine and Imperial Guard Medics (W40k 1st Ed.). Chain swords are ominously standard issue for the occasional battlefield amputation! As with the Eldar War Walker article on page 54, this article was published in the Warhammer 40k Compendium.

p79 - Competition: Win a copy of the new game. What new game? Dark Future of course, please pay attention at the back!