White Dwarf 103

All the bases are covered this month, with the exception of Dark Future, despite being on the cover.

p3 - Culture Shock: News of a forthcoming GW comic, Games Workshop's attendance at the Peterborough Roleplayers' Gamesfest '88, a WFB marathon for ITV's Telethon and congratulations to BiL and Gabz on their recent marriage!

p4 - Introducing "The Vermillon Pawn" to WFRP players. A pawnshop with a hayfever ridden dwarven wizard and a daemonic cupboard!

p13 - Critical Mass: A simple inconvenience, such as being on holiday, doesn't prevent this month's Fantasy and Sci-Fi book reviews.

p14 - Thrud the Barbarian: Thrud encounters a being older than time itself.

p16 - Chapter Approved: Rick Priestley presents new rules for vehicles in W40k 1st Ed. Unsurprisingly these were later included in the Warhammer 40k Compendium.

p25 - Letters: Should Skeletons benefit from standards? Do points values devalue the wargaming experience? Is James Whitaker's friend a rubbish Dwarf general? Plus, having fun roleplaying while the husband's in work!

p29 - Rules for Dwarves and Elves in Blood Bowl.

p32 - On the Boil: Answers to reader's questions on WFRP. Can Halflings become Templars and can a player be a Chaos Warrior (answer - not until Warhammer Quest gets released!)?

p33 - Weapons of Chaos: An extract from the Slaves to Darkness supplement for Chaos (WFB 3rd Ed. and WFRP) addressing vile chaotic weapons. Unleash your D-1000 (yes one thousand, as in T-1000) and find out just how malevolent your champion's blade is.

p50 - Rules for Thymbrin Snakebeard's Tenderiser and Whirlwind war machines (WFB 3rd Ed.). These whirling bringers of destruction are pushed into battle by Chaos Dwarf boar centaurs for the powers of Chaos. This sort of behaviour was acceptable in the 80s!.

p54 - Mail Order featuring the recently released Blood Bowl and Dark Future plus the brand new Rhino boxed set, featuring 3 of the APCs for £9.99! A truely historic moment as this was the first polystyrene kit produced by Games Workshop.

p56 - 'Eavy Metal: A number of the new Rhino armoured personnel carriers are presented with a variety of colour schemes and with various characterful bits and bobs added. Also presented are some conversions in progress including one that looks suspiciously like the Predator.

p60 - Illuminations: Some cracking Carl Critchlow comic book style pictures for Dark Future. Carl will be better known to most as the illustrator of Thrud the Barbarian (which would soon finish in issue 105).

p63 - Rampaging Rhinos! Background for the mainstay of the Imperial force (at the time that is (W40k 1st Ed.) plus stats and example colour schemes which would be familiar to anyone who had purchased the Rhino boxed set many moons ago. Interestingly the associated 'Eavy Metal on p56 appeared in the Warhammer 40k Compendium, but not this article.

p66 - An ad for the 2nd Golden Demon Awards. Check out the link for some of the winners from that historic event!

p69 - A taster of the Orc and Goblin army list from the forthcoming Warhammer Armies supplement (WFB 3rd Ed.). The banner claiming "Your doom cometh man-things" was a personal favourite from this article, along with the description of the orc baggage train.