White Dwarf 104

A terrifying band of chaos horsemen refer to a Realms of Chaos modelling special in this issue which also featured Dark Future and Imperial Robots.

p2 - More Monstrous Regiments: Following on from White Dwarf 102 we were treated to more of readers' shield and banner designs for the recent Warhammer Siege competition. Psychiatrists would probably have a field day!

p4 - Culture Shock

p8 - Kickstart! Rules for bikes in WH40k. This article pitched up in the Warhammer Compendium.

p10 - Ancient Spirits in Kislev: An introduction to some characters from the forthcoming Enemy Within campaign.

p15 - Chapter Approved: A geek's dream with the fantastically involved rules for Robots in W40k 1st Ed.

p33 - Realm of Chaos: The long awaited release of the first Chaotic tome.

p44 - The Colours of Chaos: John Blanche's painting guide from the afore mentioned book.

p50 - Mutating Metal: Some wierd and wonderful mutations by John Blanche and Phil Lewis.

p57 - Big, Strong and Stupid: Rules for larger players in Blood Bowl.

p68 - Thrud the Barbarian's Dark Future...

p69 - Critical Mass

p71 - Portrait of a Highway Warrior: Redd Harvest. A scrapbook covering a famous Sanctioned Op from the Dark Future world.

p76 - 'Eavy Metal Extra: Bob Naismith presents some templates to convert the Rhino APC.