White Dwarf 105

There were a number of major new rules and army lists for Warhammer 40K in this issue, not least the Eldar Harlequins who graced the cover. All of these rules can be found in the Warhammer 40k Compendium. This issue also marked the final appearance of Thrud the Barbarian.

p2 - Land Raider rules for W40k 1st Ed. including illustrations featuring Imperial Guard Land Raiders (!) and common camo patterns used by some Space Marine Chapters.

p6 - Illuminations: Featuring some of the young guns in the Games Workshop stable: Jim Burns, Les Edwards, Ian Miller, Brian Sweet, Tony Roberts and Chris Collingwood's excellent Warhammer Armies cover, without all the text cluttering up the scene.

p10 - Critical Mass: A rather dissatisfied CM covers the latest sci-fi releases. Includes a Philip K. Dick offering for kids (could have done with a bit of polishing!) and a 2 volume offering, The Wave and the Flame and Reign of Fire, from Marjorie Bradley Kellogg which was well received.

p11 - 3 page Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness ad. with some illuminations from the book.

p15 - Rocks Away!: Rules and the Warhammer Armies entry for goblin stone throwers in WFB 3rd Ed. featuring Zogrod Gutsticker's conversion (konvershun perhaps!) to such "gurly" devices.

p16 - Culture Shock: Andy Jones Esq. reports on the 1988 Golden Demon Grand Final with participation games, duelling re-enactor (presumably these weren't participatory!) and the presentation of the Golden Demon Slayer Sword to Ivan Bartlett.

p19 - Codex Imperialis: The Army List, with supporting information, for Space Marines in W40k 1st Ed. although those familiar with the Compendium will note that Terminators aren't included in this version of the list. The article also introduces Techmarines to the Space Marine player.

p35 - Eldar Harlequins: Background information, a characterful narrative and rules for exclusive weapons such as the dreaded "Harlequins' Kiss". The Army List would follow next month.

p47 - Realms of Chaos Competition: Win copies of the aforementioned Slaves to Darkness.

p49 - With a Little Help from my Friends: A WFRP quest where the adventurers are employed by the "famous" Bretonnian detective Alphonse Hercules de Gascoigne to rescue a kidnapped nobleman's son.

p57 - Chaos on the pitch: An extract from the Blood Bowl Companion (BB 2nd Ed.) revealing the many forms of chaotic teams such as Skaven, Goblin, Dark Elf and Chaotic Humans, or if you're indecisive an option for a Mongrel Horde featuring randomly generated players. Included are some funky player cards for Chaos players.

p69 - Thrud the Barbarian: Thrud is employed to guard "milk" for the night.

p70 - 'Eavy Metal: A range of Dark Future models painted by John Blanche.

p77 - Street Fighter: Rules for pedestrians and small arms (type of guns that is!) in Dark Future. My advice, stay indoors!