White Dwarf 106

The Lost and the Damned was being released just as the last Critical Mass was being penned. I'm guessing the cover's representing one of these events, I'm just not sure which.

p4 - Culture Shock: The monthly update from the Games Workshop world.
p7 - Critical Mass: The Final Chapter.
p11 - Eldar Harlequins Army List: Following on from last month's article we see the army lists for this flamboyant Eldar force.
p19 - Bratt's Boar Boys: A WFB regiment for Goblinoid players to slobber over.
p25 - A Day at the Races: Race events Dark Future style.
p41 - Pitch variations in Blood Bowl: Not an article about the different types of scream heard during a game (I think this was discussed in another issue?), but actually about spicing up the playing field itself. You could imagine this represents how Premier League footballers feel when they play a lower league side in the FA Cup.
p45 - Warhammer Armies: Nigel Stillman discusses the thought processes behind what was, and was not, included in the book.
p49 - Night of Mystery: A solo adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay by Carl Sargent.
p61 - Chaos Beastmen: Followers of all four powers are uncovered in this piece.
p68 - Chapter Approved: All about Craters.
p70 - 'Eavy Metal: Some of the miniatures that were used in the Fantasy Combat Cards and which can be seen in Fantasy Miniatures.
p77 - Letters.