White Dwarf 107

There's a slight change to the magazine's size this month, but otherwise it's business as usual with Conan the Rebel hacking through a horde of undead creatures on the cover and a Warhammer Fantasy Battle report inside, among other things.

Inside Cover - An advert for some classic Champions of Chais.
p4 - Culture Shock: News and updates from Games Workshop.
p6 - Illuminations: A selection of work by David Gallagher.
p13 - First Impressions: A review of the latest fantasy and sci-fi books by David Pringle.
p14 - Predator Competition: That's the film rather than the Space Marine tank...
p15 - An ad for the Eldar Harlequin jet bike, including rules and stats. Follows on from the army list and background in the previous months' issues.
p16 - Advanced Manouvers: Although this could well apply to the afore mentioned Harlequin jet bike it's actually a preview of the forthcoming Dark Future expansion White Line Fever.
p22 - Slaves to Darkness Errata: Clarification and corrections for the recently released Khorne and Slannesh tome.
p27 - Three Wheelers: Rules for sidecars and trikes in Dark Future.
p32 - Extra Time: A compilation of new rules for Blood Bowl such as Cheerleaders, Fouls and Snotling Medics.
p38 - The Norse: A WFB army list for the warriors from the north.
p45 - Element of Rick: A Roleplay adventure where the adventures fight a more elemental enemy than usual.
p55 - Gobbledigook: I have literally no idea what was going on here!
p57 - Chaos Renegades: W40k Army Lists for these unpleasant fellows drifting about the warp.
p66 - 24 Hours at Carik Mound: Eat your heart out Le Mans! 18,000pts of Empire plus allies take on 15,000pts of Chaos and friends (in the loosest sense of the word) in an epic festival of WFB. It's a shame there's only a few pages on this event.
p72 - Key #Now: An introduction to the multi user game online game Shades. Use your computer modem to dial up to the Micronet and join in the fun.
p74 - Letters.
p76 - 'Eavy Metal: This month there's a focus on Dark Future.