White Dwarf 108

As you could tell from the cover this month was going to be epic! Adeptus Titanicus was being released in time for Christmas and I expect Santa delivered a fair few that year!

p6 - Illuminations: Extracted from the Lost and the Damned.
p10 - Titans Competition: Think you know Titans? Prove it for a chance to win Adeptus Titanicus models.
p12 - Chaos Dwarf Ballistics: Crossbows and Swivel Guns for those stunties who have turned to the dark side.
p15 - Advanced Shooting: Not actually related to the previous article this article features more rules from Dark Future's expansion White Line Fever.
p20 - Survival of the Fittest: Rules to allow your Chaos Army, of any period, to "evolve" over time.
p29 - Witch Elves: An excellent background article about this Dark Elf regiment of renown.
p40 - Warhammer Armies Errata: No the entire Dark Elf army wasn't supposed to be +2 shock elite and Skaven don't have Initiative of 5!
p43 - Chaplains and Commissars: While Chaplains can inspire their Space Marines with faith alone, the Commissars of the Imperial Guard have a few other tricks up their greatcoat sleeve to "encourage" their men. Naturally this article turned up in the W40k Compendium.
p53 - Terror in the Darkness: An Ambull in WFRP! Whatever next, Space Marines in WFB... (too soon?)
p62 - Critical Mass: The latest fantasy and sci-fi books reviewed.
p64 - Star Players: The finest Blood Bowl players are now available for recruitment. This was a taster for the Star Player supplement (duh!) which was due for release in the new year. Buy them before Real Magritta snap them all up!
p72 - 'Eavy Metal: Titans, what else?