White Dwarf 109

Something's rotten in Kislev and it's been slapped on this issue's cover, despite a lack of WFRP this month. The main article was effectively the Imperial Guard codex with the Army List for W40k.

p4 - Culture Shock: The latest news from Games Workshop.
p9 - Critical Mass: Reviewing recent fantasy and sci-fi book.
p11 - Land Raider! Adding Land Raiders, Rhinos and Dreadnoughts to Adeptus Titanicus. But where are the footsloggers?
p25 - Greater Daemons: Clawed from the magically rotting tome that was The Lost and the Damned we learn about the Great Unclean One and the Changer of Ways.
p29 - Goblin Fanatics and the Pogo Sticks of Doom: Not an Indiana Jones parody (as far as I'm aware!) but a new toy for Blood Bowl coaches to play with.
p32 - Terminator Armour: An introduction to Terminators featuring some very old school armour versions. Curiously this article was effectively replaced by an updated version in White Dwarf 112 only 3 months later, which was the version that found it's way into the W40k Compendium rather than this one.
p34 - Gobbledigook: The clue's in the title.
p37 - The Imperial Guard: Army list and background info for the Empire's standing army. The article was included in the W40k Compendium.
p62 - Illuminations: Titans and Blood Bowl are amoung this month's offerings.
p66 - Roks and Wheelz: Again the clue's in the title! Stone throwers and Goblin Chariots for Goblinoid Warlords in WFB.
p72 - 'Eavy Metal: Features some spectacular chaotic conversions and advice on how to create them.
p77 - Reaver and Warhound: New titan variants for Adeptus Titanicus.
back cover - A Siege diorama by Ian Bartlett.