White Dwarf 110

There was a little bit of everything this month, with a great big bit of Adeptus Titanicus. The infantry rules which were included may be familiar to many as the genesis of Space Marine.

p5 - Culture Shock: New stores in Brighton and Bristol (hooray!). Batfish vocalist Simon Detroit visits the studio and reveals a bit of his rock 'n' roll lifestyle, Wayne England and David Gallagher join the design studio team (see some of Dave's covers here), there are a couple of corrections for the Dark Future rulebook and Games Workshop were trying to track Wormy creator Dave Trampier, who appeared to have disappeared...
p6 - Illuminations: Some delightful work from Wayne England (see Culture Shock), who was responsible for this month's cover.
p11 - Imperial Guard Ogryns: Background for Ogryns (Ogres in W40k 1st Ed.) plus the final 2 pages of the Imperial Guard army list (published in White Dwarf 109) which features the special equipment charts and additional equipment allowed. This was all included in the Warhammer 40k Compendium. The highlight of the article is definitely the suggestion of Ogryns being able to ride to battle in a converted open top Rhino, which is something I wouldn't mind seeing in action, right up to the point said Ogryns were deployed in the midst of my troops!
p20 - A two page ad for Warhammer Fantasy Battle featuring a dragon, a Mighty Fortress, a Skeleton Horde, a Man Mangler and a Rick Priestley in a charming sweater.
p23 - Dwarf Firethrower: Background and the Army List entry for this Dwarven flamethrower. There's a Dwarven blog with a nice example here.
p25 - An ad for a Terminator like nothing you will have ever seen, alongside a more familiar genestealer. Also Dwarf crossbowmen (that's crossbow men, not angry bowmen in case you were wondering) and a Dark Future diorama.
p25 - Dark Future: Tournament rules for the dystopian vehicle wargame.
p31 - Space Marine: An extensive article with rules for infantry in Adeptus Titanicus. These would be later released as the Space Marine game (SM 1st Ed.) while the army lists for Imperial Guard and Space Marines would be updated by those released in White Dwarf 125 and 126 respectively.
p51 - Morglum's Marauders: An introduction to the character Morglum Necksnapper and his band of Orcs who can act as a serious disruption to a group of WFRP adventurers. Features a string of classic quotes making it an enjoyable read even for those not necessarily interested in Warhammer Roleplay. Morglum Necksnapper later returned as a Black Orc special character in the 4th edition of WFB.
p60 - Rules for the Eldar Phantom Titan and vehicles in Adeptus Titanicus, including the fantastic Eldar Dreadnought equipped with a jump pack!.
p74 - 'Eavy Metal: Imperial Guard squads come under the spotlight in an article which appeared in the Warhammer 40k Compendium. Also featured are an eclectic selection of Chaotic individuals (renegades, champions and daemons) for both Fantasy and 40k.