White Dwarf 123

A Space Ork spektakula with the new army list, which I'd always assumed was included in the forthcoming Waaaargh release, and so subsequently never got round to buying it, d'oh!

Cover - Red Thirst was the title of the cover piece by David Gallagher, who regular readers will recall joined the team in White Dwarf 110. Red Thirst was a short story featuring Genevieve the vampire, which was included in the collection of short stories of the same name. Unfortunately if you look for a copy of the book on Amazon you're more likely to find a red drinking helmet!
Inside Cover - Get an annual subscription for £18 pounds including delivery. I think that's how much the current issue costs!?!
p2 - The Retail Spotlight falls on the Nottingham store.
p4 - News: Ian Watson comes into the studio to discuss his soon to be released Inquisitor War trilogy, while in further GW fiction news Konrad has been released. In addition we get a first look at the Eldar Knights, which would be formally released in White Dwarf 126, news of a Genestealer outbreak in Ottowa, corrections for the Terminator v Terminator rules in the recent White Dwarves 121 and 122 (the dice rolls needed to kill a terminator with a storm bolter (6) or assault cannon (5), so nothing really important!), news of GW's contribution to the Crystal Maze and last but certainly not least there was a vacancy in Rick Priestley's game design team.
p5 - The Clash of Evil: A cracking Warhammer Fantasy (WFB 3rd Ed.) narrative for a 3000 point battle report between a Chaos Army (that's Warriors of Chaos and Beastmen, imagine that!) and a Goblinoid Horde. While the presence of a single wizard in the Chaos army was suggesting alignment to Khorne (!), the Orcs were fighting fire with fire and including a Chaos Knight in their ranks. Despite these apparent oddities to the present day gamer the biggest surprise was the Gobbo spearmen spanking a similar sized force of Beastmen not once but twice!
p10 - 'Eavy Metal: A brief interlude to the battle report to reveal some psychedelic Tzeentech horrors, and champions, by the mythical Fraser Gray plus a small selection of miniatures by Nick Reynolds, including a fantastically worked Chaos Terminator centaur conversion.
p18 - Marauder Miniatures special offer: Continuing on the theme from the battle report a 2,000 point Orc and Goblin Army for £70, with a colourful narrative and equally characterful miniatures. This prompted me to have a look on ebay and I found one of the units of boyz for £79.99 plus postage. Bargain!
p21 - Epic War Machines: Rules for the various vehicles available in Adeptus Titanicus and Space Marine (SM 1st Ed.) at the time. All 21 of them! Includes some new rules specific to certain vehicles such as the Bombard's siege mortar and the Gorgon Minesweeper/layer, and some more general such as those for heavy vehicles such as the Capitol Imperialis (drool!). The following month a few additional Ork Battlewagons were included in White Dwarf 124.
p22 - 'Eavy Metal: An interlude to the above article with 2 pages of a variety of lead and plastic Space Marine miniatures including officers, armour variants, Grey Night Terminators and Salamander troops around a Rhino.
p26 - 'Eavy Metal: A second interlude to the Epic War Machines, this time with 2 pages of Orks representing the different clans. The standout for me is the diorama of a Goff Warboss with his retinue and splendidly large banner.
p29 - Space Ork Army List: Oh my, what an treat for 40k fans (W40k 1st Ed.). In many ways this article was like a modern day Codex with background information introducing the Ork clan system and different types of Ork such as Weirdboyz, or WildBoyz, a wide variety of units with a wide variety of equipment available. Illustrations of common colour schemes and banners were also included giving any self respecting Warboss all the information he could wish for. It certainly prompted me to get the recently released Space Ork box on my Christmas shopping list! As if this wasn't enough part 2 of the Ork army list was featured in White Dwarf 124 the following month.
p70 - 'Eavy Metal: The chat on this month's 'Eavy Metal offerings with advice and tips. Includes a translation of the splendid Goff war banner
p73 - The catalogue section concentrated on the epic models in the earlier article, along with a few light Ork vehicles (Wartraks and Buggy) and some of Da Boyz.
Inside Back Cover - 'Eavy Metal: Some examples of Oddboyz and Madboyz.
Back Cover - A Space Marine (SM 1st Ed.) diorama with Titans and Space Wolf Heavy Vehicles advancing on their former brethren.