White Dwarf 124

A mixed bag this month with the continuation of the Ork army list, the beginning of the Epic Imperial Guard army list, a couple of Chaotic articles, Eldar preview plus a Dark Future campaign, which must explain why Bonnie Tyler was toting a gun on the cover...

p2 - Retail Spotlight: This month features my home store of Bristol. The store was working on a 3D Space Hulk board with flashing lights and working lifts which unfortunately I never had the pleasure of seeing in action (sob).
p4 - News: Tom Roche had been flown in (or he got the ferry over) from Ireland to work with Jon Blanche in the Design Studio. Warhammer was setting down in Sweden with a tournament being held in Malmรถ.
p8 - Chaos Warbands:.
p10 - 'Eavy Metal: Models for the warbands featured in the above article.
p16 - Dead Man's Curve: The first part of the campaign rules for Dark Future.
p30 - Eldar: A sneak preview of the new Eldar models which were to be revealed in all their glory in White Dwarf 127.
p34 - 'Eavy Metal: An extra Chaos Warband plus a Genestealer Cult army painted by the studio staff (which in a way seems quite appropriate really!).
p36 - Epic Imperial Guard: An evolution of the rules first published in White Dwarf 110.
p40 - Epic Ork Battlewagons: Following on from last month some more rules for new Ork battlewagons.
p42 - 'Eavy Metal: Miniatures by Steve Mussared and Mick Beard.
p44 - 'Eavy Metal: The chat on this month's models.
p46 - Ork Vehicles and Artillery: The conclusion of last month's excellent Ork army list featuring all the rules you need for Ork Battlewagons (remember them), Cyboars and other such Orky bitz and bobz.
p52 - Ork Weirdboyz: Rules for the Ork psykers.
p60 - Chaos Beastmen: An extract from the Lost and the Damned covering Chaos Beastmen, back in the days when you could find them fighting alongside their fellow human Chaos worshippers.