White Dwarf 129

Taking a break from the recent series of Space Marine articles, this issue had a large piece on Space Marines!

Cover - This month's cover, by Fangorn, was from the Ian Watson book Inquisitor.
Inside Cover - An ad for the Blood Bowl Companion featuring a delightful (Dark?) Elven cheerleader on the cover.
p2 - The retail spotlight falls up north on the Manchester, Preston and Liverpool stores.
p5 - Store News.
p7 - Information on John Blanche's forthcoming US tour.
p8 - Games Workshop news.
p9 - A Waargh The Orks competition, bizarrely sponsored by Abbey National!
p10 - 'Eavy Metal featuring the new range of Bretonnian models by the Perry Twins. All of you with Bretonnian foot knights can gloat at the lovely models before weeping at the woeful paint job you unleashed upon them and their subsequent disappearance from the army lists.
p13 - Space Marines: A seminal article on the history of Space Marine armour, which has only recently been seriously exploited by Forge World and the Horus Heresy/30k ranges. It includes colour schemes for tactical squads. There are also updated rules (W40k 1st Ed.) specifically for Space Marines, and for 40k in general.
p29 - 'Eavy Metal: Space Marines dispalying some of the Chapter organisational markings covered in the preceding article.
p30 - Games Day '90 was approaching and here was the programme for the event.
p36 - 'Eavy Metal featuring Chaos Champions from "The Lost and the Damned".
p40 - Vehicles Rules: Continuing from last month's article with data sheets for the Land Raider, Land Speeder, Sentinal and Ork Wartrak.
p46 - Ork Painboyz (W40k 1st Ed.) rules inkluding Bionic Bitz for Orks "lucky" enough to receive treatment!
p67 - 'Eavy Metal: Painboyz, Chaos Renegades and Adrian Wink!
Back Cover - A Lost and the Damned diorama of a clash between the warbands of Lother Bubonicus and Werner Thunderfist.