Searching the Library

Ideally one of the the intentions of this website is to help visitors find information on a particular topic, be it additional rules for a particular version of WFB, or a race in W40k, or some obscure game which was released donkey's years ago. Producing tables of references for specific gaming systems is not beyond the scope of this website and will be a future project when the website is up and running at full steam (whatever that is!). However in the meantime a useful method for visitors to find which issues of White Dwarf magazine included certain rules or pictures, is to take advantage of Google's site search command. Simply enter the word or phrase you are searching for and then add the command site: (you can simply copy and paste it from here if you like).

For example if you would like to find which issues of White Dwarf feature Terminators then you can search as in the link. (For your information sometimes this website is a little slow to display the google search results in which case choosing "Images" search then flicking back to "All" encourages it to display the search results prioperly.)

In an effort to make the site search friendly I have tried to include consistent labels to distinguish which game system, and which edition, an article refers to. So if article relates to the a specific edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle I will include WFB xth Ed. often in brackets. So if you want to find the third edition WFB articles in White Dwarf all you have to do is enter this into your search between quotation marks, and they should all pop up (hopefully!).

If you need help getting around then please feel free to contact me, check out "Help Me!" for details.